This iconic 38’ Top-Gun was in such good condition we just couldn't resist making a resto-moded, “better than brand new" ‘93 Top-Gun. If you ask why we would do this, the answer is simple. Because we can and it’s going to be really cool. We will incorporate all of our upgraded parts and ideas to make this one cool ride.

Updates will include:

To the power:
Complete overhaul of engines, including a new Stroker Crank to increase cubic inch to 500.
All new rods, pistons, cam shaft, valves, springs and basically all new internals. We replaced starters, alternators, water pumps and the complete wire harness. We are staying with the small MerCruiser/Weiand supercharger for the stock and cool factor. Expected horsepower about 600. This should push the boat very close to 80 mph with an extremely reliable, easy to work on package. This engine setup is being done in Opa-Locka by Steve at Progressive Racing Engines. The engine will also get brand new Stainless Maine exhaust. We've also removed the stock water pumps and thermostat housings and replaced these with Stainless Marine’s stainless replacements.

We removed the drives and gimbals and are replacing them with brand new in the box Mercury HP gimbals and brand new XR drives. This will make our power package all modern day with much better reliability.
The engine room was stripped bare, re-finished with white Awl-grip and being completely re-rigged. The original battery cables were very small, the original wiring and plumbing was so-so. We removed the air-conditioning unit and have filled all holes. The transom was all updated with new Stainless Marine control cable system. The liquid filled Speedo tube has been removed and holes filled. We've also added brand new Stainless Marine sea strainers. The original battery charger has been replaced with a new Guest charger. The engine room will be “SHOW” quality.

The dash consoles have been removed and will be repainted a bright metallic silver. All new Black carbon dash panels with all new Livorsi gauges. We’re going to add a Garmin touch screen GPS. A brand new much upgraded stereo system will be installed. Pirelli flooring will be installed in the cockpit. Teak cabin entrance way will be removed and replaced with acrylic. All brand new cockpit upholstery.

Harold is making designs now for a retro, macho, muscle look complete paint job.

All the old cleats, fuel fills, fuel vents, thru hulls and other deck hardware are all being replaced with new style stainless hardware.
Brand new Fireboy system, fire extinguishers & brackets.
Carbon fiber fresh water flush panel with all new fittings.

Yeah, we know it’s a ’93 and 20 years old, but this is going to be way better than it was when it was new and will still be 20 years from now….


Daren Kittredge’s Viper powered 20’ Cigarette boat is finally complete. Daren has been patiently waiting for his new ride and she’s finally ready.
He started this project himself a little more than 3 years ago. After riding shotgun in Tom Abraham’s 20’ Cigarette boat in the 2007 20’ Cigarette Poker Run. D.K. was bitten by the 20’ Cigarette boat bug. He found a 20’ Cigarette, stripped it to a bare piece of fiberglass, straightened the bottom and completely re-gel coated the boat. He then came up with the bright idea to install a V-10 Ilmor Viper. We received the boat and engine about a year and a half ago and with a shoe horn and a lot of elbow grease, mission accomplished.
This all aluminum 625 HP engine coupled to an ITS with a custom made extension box and Black Hawk drive, make this one unique ride. D.K. re-machined the extension box to remove unwanted weight and this boat jumps up on plane and accelerates like a dragster.
Daren will be cruising the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee and has promised to bring his latest Lip-Ship Edition to the AOTH in May of next year at Lake Cumberland.
We’re holding you to this!


This is one New York cop who’s not afraid to show you his “Gun”. You’ve seen him before….sitting behind the counter at the Cigarette Racing clothing booth…hawking anything Cigarette Racing branded. Well, his passion for the brand extends to this personal restoration project on his 2001 Cigarette 38’ Top-Gun. This totally rebuilt Top-Gun is a real show stopper. All new from bow cleats to propellers, it was one of the most detailed Lip-Ship Restorations to date. The original donor boat had over 700 hours and lived on a lift in Miami Beach Marina for over nine years. She was rode hard and put away wet. With a little bit of special Lip-Ship love and a whole lot of cash, Willy now has a brand new 2001 Lip-Ship Edition Cigarette 38’ Top-Gun. She’s powered by twin 540 EFI Progressive engines and runs a respectable 90mph.


Longtime customer Howard Cowan has made the transition from inboard to outboard with this new 39’ Cigarette Top-Fish, "Xtreme". Built for both comfort and speed, this open-fish is well equipped for a weekend in The Hamptons. As another one of our father-son duos, Howard and his son Cody are avid boaters and look to log many hours together in their new “Xtreme” Cigarette.


Lip-Ship Performance would like to welcome its newest member to the Lip-Ship Edition family. John Rosatti is no stranger to performance boating. Having been the owner of several Cigarettes throughout the 80’s, Mr. Rosatti chose Lip-Ship Performance as his re-entry into the world of high performance boating. The latest Lip-Ship Edition Cigarette is without a doubt the best in its class. The combination of Mercury Racing’s 1350 engines, the staggered set-up, the weight transfer and the long deck, makes this boat the best Cigarette ever built. This boat accelerates like a dragster and is completely stable at over 120mph. As evident from the pictures Mr. Rosatti knows how to travel in style. Look for this Marauder to be tearing up the waters of the Atlantic from New York to South Florida.


The father-son duo of Eric & Peter Filardi just took delivery of Lip-Ship’s newest 42x as seen at the 2010 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. This is their 5th new Lip-Ship Edition within a ten year period. Lip-Ship has dubbed them our “most loyal undercover customers”. Previously, they have owned only 38’ Top-Guns and have finally taken the next step to run with the big boys. This 42X is powered by Mercury Racing Twin 700’s and cruises where their previous Top-Guns would run wide open. The Filardi’s are not bay bombers, they love to run offshore. The 42x is the perfect upgrade for the true offshore boating. Look for this one of kind purple beauty to be crushing the waves in South Florida. Join us in offering congrats to Eric & Peter.
We have only one question for the Filardi’s……Have you guys ever been to Finnegan’s River?


Todd Fountain has the latest Lip-Ship Edition restoration, which we can proudly say is his 7th Lip-Ship purchase. Having owned three different Gladiators, Todd has been known as “Mr. Gladiator”. Now with the new family, he’s become quite the family man. His new ride is a completely restored, 2006 39’ Top-Gun Unlimited, FIRE ESCAPE III. She now looks better than brand new. True to form, this better than average condition Cigarette was not up to par for Mr. Fountain. The boat was stripped to bare fiberglass and completely rebuilt. All new paint, custom upholstery, new dash and power upgrades make this a “DYNAMIC” boat and worthy of inheritance. Just ask Thomas.